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Affiliated with the LSU School of Art

Louisiana-Treasures-Artist-Janice Sachse

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Janice Sachse

Pink Spring on Marsh Lake,Janice Sachse


Inspiring Work. Inspiring Stories.

Initiated by the LSU School of Art to bring recognition to Louisiana’s heritage and the impact of LSU as an educational institution, Louisiana Treasures recognizes artists affiliated with LSU who have had significant impact on a local, national, and/or international level. Artists featured in the Louisiana Treasures series have created works with deep connections to the landscapes and people of Louisiana, works that help preserve the state’s cultural heritage.

Louisiana-Treasures-Artist-Janice Sachse

View Series 1 :
Janice Sachse


Together, We Aim for Excellence.


Offer a diverse education that provides students the resources and skills to develop their intellectual and creative strengths; to plan for and transition into successful careers in the visual arts, design, and art history.


Recruit, retain, and grow a diverse faculty, supporting and promoting excellence, to correspond with growth and diversity in student population and curricula.


Provide a state-of-the-art working studio environment that promotes interdisciplinary learning.

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Louisiana Treasures Goals
Louisiana Treasures Goals

Our Mission

We are committed to sustaining the excellence of our programs by providing students with . . .

an outstanding education founded on close working relationships with distinguished and versatile faculty and enhanced studio facilities to become a leading program, regionally and nationally.

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